Catherine’s work is more than a psychic experience, it contains the keys that opens the doors to the true inner powers of the human mind. Catherine, thank you for such an important contribution to a new awakened humanity.

Dr. John F. Demartini

as seen on The Secret

Women With Altitude Awards Finalist

Catherine Wilkins is a skilled practitioner working at the leading edge of modern psychic healing.  Her undoubted psychic gifts and a solid medical and metaphysical understanding of illness and the body enables her to work uniquely with healing energies.  This enables her to go directly to the source of mental or physical ailments, diagnose what underlies it and bring about healing by working both at a spiritual level, at the level of body energy and directly with the psyche.  The practice she has pioneered has taken healing beyond the usual limitations of traditional physical as well as the more esoteric psychic healing into a new realm.  In her roles as a healer, teacher and author she is making a major contribution to the healing arts and sciences.

Robert Proctor MD

The progress I have made through your Conscious Intuition course is far greater than I could have imagined. My physical energy is increasing, I have greater emotional stability and mental clarity. The content of this course is so relevant it’s as though it has been written for me personally.

C Clarke, Qld

Certificado Fractology

I have been searching all my life to find an understanding of intuition, to no avail until I came across Fractology.  Now through Catherine’s teachings much pain and anguish has been taken from me, and replaced with an openness and feeling that cannot be described.  This will only increase and lead to a more rewarding life beyond comprehension. 

J Kilby, NZ

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