Tips & Sayings

Love is spiritual manure – you spread it around to make things flourish.

Once is a mistake,

Twice isn’t,

Three times is a pattern.

And it takes a lot of conscious work to change our patterns.

It’s all focus and intention.


The five principles of Fractology are the five principles of holographic reality. They are focus and intention, acknowledgement and completion, and integrity. No matter what situation you find yourself in, one or more of these will enable you to resolve it and create something positive out of it.

When our hearts work properly, they default to love.

When our minds work properly, they default to truth.

And when our bodies work properly, they default to bliss.

The two poles of the Universe are not light and dark – they are Love and Truth.  Love is what connects us, brings us together and enables us to know the Oneness of all things. Truth is what creates space between us by acknowledging that you are you, and I am I – it enables us to perceive the uniqueness of all things. In this way, these two poles enable the Universe to breathe – by creating connection and space in turn.

The only true commitment anyone can make is to be themselves.

Fractology Bridge

Perceiving energy is easy – everyone does it all the time, even those who aren’t conscious of doing so. Change the energy in a room and people’s behaviour changes – so they’re responding to it. Picking up energy is no skill – being able to accurately interpret it, that’s where the skill lies.

If all you do is clear your issues, pains and problems all you’ve done is cleared the negative – which means the best you can hope to do is zero. If you want to have a truly expansive and fulfilling life you need to learn the skills of positive gain – you need to learn how to express your essence in ways that expand you as well as your life.

Fractology Landscape